Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Masking Problem

The major problem of our time is that every solution is now paralleled by the advocacy of its opposite. This is because such advocacy leads to income (and/or power), even when wrong, because people are looking for solutions, and the advocacy of both sides prevents authorities from discerning which solution is a fraud, and which is a solution. Thus, the counter-advocacy itself operates to prevent detection.

This can come about not only due to fraud, but also due to well meaning, but inept problem solving, or else due to holding an "us" and "them" viewpoint that assumes that the opposite of "their" viewpoint must be correct (this results in the opposing viewpoint automatically being posited for any viewpoint of any group that is opposed by another group).

This same effect now also works to bury quality artists amongst a sea of "no talents", because these "no talents" simply mimic the "buzz" and "hype" that used to surround talented artists. One can now find endless enthusiastic rave reviews for artists having no talent whatsoever - which makes finding quality artists actually more difficult than in the days when access to the market was restricted.

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